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3. Set your notifications at the start of your shift - see the bell shaped icon at the top as pictured to the right:
3. Set your notifications at the start of your shift - see the bell shaped icon at the top as pictured to the right:
[[File:Asana-bell.png|thumb|Asana Notifications]]

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Welcome to the Charleston United Covid-19 Response Team

Welcome to Charleston United ​COVID-19​ Response team, we are so happy that you are here- it wouldn’t be the same without you! The purpose of this group is to coordinate efforts to meet the needs of all of our neighbors during the current health crisis of COVID-19. Together, we can and will serve our community to the best of our abilities. This is a volunteer led group and is not tied to any organization. A note that although this is a robust effort led by and for the community, we still have limited financial and physical capabilities when it comes to fulfilling all of the needs of our people.

Please note that the information is community driven and constantly changing, not to mention a work in progress, so come back often for updates - or update information or highlight areas where we need clarification yourself.

What to do first:

1. Join our Facebook group: Charleston United COVID Response.

This group is to utilize social media to uplift the resources available, recruit volunteers to help with distribution, and serve as an overall communication medium.

2. Sign up to be a Volunteer If you are able to spend your valuable time with CUCR, please read this document as it details our process and volunteer opportunities.

Please consider volunteering for the Shifa Clinic to deliver food (minimal human contact). You can sign-up here.

3. Medical Supplies If you are interested in supporting healthcare workers and researching/producing/delivering personal protective equipment (such as face masks)- please fill out the form below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GZtPQsmUMm51yU4KJLZKC8WK9pKCwawz2MKprsgj9wQ/viewform?edit_requested=true

4. Food Requests Our process now is more streamlined through the admirable work that the Shifa clinic is doing. We are now sending the majority of food requests to Shifa, as they are stepping up to serve more people in a huge way. They cannot take this role on unless they are supported and aided by both monetary donations and volunteers on the ground. Below are two very important links to save and send around. The first is a donation link to support the work they are doing and the second link is a link to sign-up to volunteer. Please share on your social media pages and ask 3 friends to donate funds or their time! Donate: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/COVID19emergencyreliefproject Volunteer: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0d45aba72ba7fa7-covid

5. Join our Slack Group: ​Charleston United COVID Response​. Slack​ is an app (used both on computers and on your smartphone), that we are using to coordinate efforts. It allows us to flow information through our intake system.* Channels allow us to post announcements about incoming requests, assign them to locations, and coordinate different organization's efforts. Please watch this video for a brief tutorial, pay special attention to the section on “channels,” beginning at 2:54. See below for a list of channels and descriptions.

What Slack channels you should join and why: a. #Welcome Start collaborating to meet the needs of all your neighbors https://app.slack.com/client/TV2VAGSRH/C0102KUCH0W/details/pins An introduction page to our effort, please introduce yourself and begin to join other, more specific channels! b. #organization-coordination

If you represent an organization that does outreach or you have access to significant quantities of essential supplies please join our channel. Or if you run a business that can provide food.

d. Various geographic locations

This is a boots-on-the-ground place for people able and willing pick up items and deliver them to the doorsteps of people in need. If you've not already, please find the channel(s) for the geographic areas you're willing to serve. You do this by typing your county (we're tri-county) in the search field (upper left on a computer) and you'll see all the channels in that county by area. You can join as many as you want. As we have specific requests in those areas we will post in the channel. 

e. We also have dedicated channels for CofC connected people https://app.slack.com/client/TV2VAGSRH/C0101F21RC3/details/pins f. and a specific channel for #medical-worker-support. Also see #3 above. g. #Dispatch/Mission Control https://app.slack.com/client/TV2VAGSRH/CV7HT2E9X/details/pins Proceed here if you want to be a dispatch/case manager. The only prerequisite is a willingness to work in Slack and Asana. We have 13 slots available due to free software limitations and currently have only 5 active. See below for more information: h. #incoming requests - IGNORE THIS CHANNEL unless you are a dispatch mission control case manager i. If you serve a specific community and want a dedicated channel let admin know and we'll set you up.

Please note that the information is community driven and constantly changing, not to mention a work in progress, so come back often for updates.

[[== Dispatch / Mission Control Case Manager ==

DESCRIPTION Take incoming requests for help, make contact with the requester, assign volunteer tasks to accomplish requests, follow up and update the case file. You are essentially the case manager during your shift.

FIRST STEPS 1. Decide if this type of volunteer job is right for you. If not, please consider other volunteer and donation options under the Slack channel “Welcome start collaborating to meet the needs of all our neighbors.” You’ll need access and a willingness to learn Asana in addition to Slack.

2. Input your contact information and sign up for shifts as mission control case manager / dispatch on this spreadsheet.

IF /WHEN you can no longer take shifts as a mission control case manager / dispatch, please take yourself off the mission control channel and dispatch contact spreadsheet because we have only 13 spots we can accommodate and the workload will increase each day. In other words, we need to know who is active and there is no judgement or shame in looking around then deciding this is not your area to volunteer or your situation changes. Feel free to join any of the other channels instead if that works for you. 

3. Set your notifications at the start of your shift - see the bell shaped icon at the top as pictured to the right:

Asana Notifications

The last option on the list is “Your Notification Preferences”. Set it to “All Messages” for while you’re on Dispatch. We are going to ask members to use “Dispatch” in their comments to us so, assuming we can get compliance, we can turn off notifications as we get busier and need to separate signal from noise. We suggest leaving notifications on but marking yourself as “away” when you aren’t on shift (this can be found under Chas United on the top left).

[This is an area for refinement - as is this whole process!]

4. If you have not yet been added to our Asana “project” please ask @channel on the #dispatch-mission-control to add you. (Once you’re added you should continue to have access.)

General Information Re Process

Requests for assistance from individuals are channeled through our “Request for Assistance” Google form. (Please take a look so you know what it looks like.) We encourage folks who are able to fill it out themselves, but we have a telephone number 843-779-5659 that will be answered by operators (may sometimes also be dispatch depending on workload) who input the information into the form.

The form contents are automatically sent to #incoming-requests as an Asana task. If you’ve set your notifications right you should be notified when a new request comes in.

When a new request comes in this is what you do:

   If CofC related post the task to the #CofC-student-staff-faculty channel and see if someone there can take it. Comment on the Asana task accordingly (currently they don’t have Asana access so we will update). 

   If downtown post to the #Direct-link-to-chas-hope channel and see if they will take it. If so, comment accordingly on the Asana board for that task and set a sub-task for the next day to confirm with the requesting party that they got what they needed.

   Evaluate the request. A phone call is generally the best way to get details. Please feel free to block your number if you’re concerned about people having your number. Note the results in the comments section in the Asana task - left voicemail, or add information. 

   Food requests are being channeled to Shifa Clinic (unless they’re in very rural areas - e.g. Wadmala, Awendaw). Their intake form is here: cqi99EBsLYPUK6https://forms.gle/TpE. Tech literate people can fill it out themselves - via text or email. You can fill it out for them if they need help. Shifa will deliver the food to them the following day (M-F). (Note: we have directed people directly to the Shifa form so there should not be many food only requests.)

   Post a request - not all the details, just location and type of request - on the channel for the geographic area the person is in. 

Example: @channel We have a request for food assistance at 1234 Jones Dr in Wadmala. Please comment if you can assist.

   If no one responds within 30 minutes or so, post it to the #welcome-start-collaborating-to-meet-the-needs-of-all-our-neighbors channel (channel will notify all 400+ members) and to the Facebook group (no name, just general information) If nobody responds before your shift ends, mark in the case’s comment section of Asana, when and where you did additional postings so incoming shift dispatch knows the request status. And message the dispatch shift that immediately follows you (if there is one) so continuity is not lost. 

   When you’ve identified a volunteer for a request send them the full Asana task Information by copying and pasting it in whatever communication is appropriate, Slack via a thread on their geographic channel is the best option if the volunteer is on Slack. Direct messages should be avoided unless highly sensitive information is being communicated because of the need for multiple dispatch shifts to follow up. 

   In addition to task information please copy and paste the following directions to the volunteer:

Thank you so much for stepping up to help our neighbor in need! In order for us to keep track of tasks please communicate with Dispatch by doing the following when you complete your task or run into an obstacle that prevents you from completing it, or anything happens that you think we should know about: Comment in the Slack channel where you found the task (if multiple, any one will do) in the following manner: “Dispatch, update, [last name of person you’re helping]” followed by the relevant information. (It’s important to use “Dispatch, update” so we can easily find your post.)

   If you’ve set your notifications correctly you should be notified when “Dispatch” appears in a comment. If it’s an update, enter the relevant information in the Asana task under comments. If the task needs to be reassigned, look for a new volunteer. If it’s changed status, move it to the appropriate column on the Asana board (e.g., “made contact” to “in progress” or “complete”). 

When you’re not otherwise occupied, you can check on the status of tasks in progress as seems appropriate.


Resources for Dispatch

We’re working on this section, if you know of resources - people, organizations, websites - that can help us respond to needs please share them here.]]